Bright Corp 3 Pillars of Success for Funeral Directors

Bright Corp 3 Pillars of Success for Funeral Directors from Bright Corp

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There are three fundamental pillars of success for your funeral home— and any organization, for that matter. Every funeral home that is succeeding is successful in these three pillars. Every funeral home that is failing is doing so because of a failure in one or more of these areas. This is true for any organization whether it is a nation, a Fortune 50 corporation, a nonprofit charity, a mom and pop small business, a church, a social club, a ball team—or your funeral home. Depending on the organization or group, they may call them by different terms and implement them a little differently, but when it comes down to it there are still three main pillars of success, and they are the subject of this book. The three pillars for your funeral home’s success in their order of importance are:


Pillar Two: SALES


That’s it. Leadership, Sales, and Customer Service. That is the key to success. However, knowing the key and knowing how to use it to unlock the door aren’t the same thing. In this book, you will discover the key to unlock the door to your funeral home’s success. With The 3 Pillars of Success for Funeral Directors you can take your funeral home to the next level of achievement.

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Mark Bowser is one of the best Professional Business Speakers in the United States today. He has presented seminars to some of the nations top organizations including Southwest Airlines, Dell Computers, FedEx Logistics, United States Marine Corp, Princeton University, and many others. He is the author of several books including Sales Success, Some Gave It All co-authored with Danny Lane, and Jesus, Take the Wheel. Mark is also the Vice President of the Bright Corporation, a top publishing house and supplier for the funeral industry. He can be reached by email at or through his websites at and


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