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Memorial Business Systems (MBS) is the oldest, continuous provider of deathcare specific software designed for the management and support of cemeteries and Funeral Home / Cemetery Combinations. With systems designed for all aspects of your business including accounting, office management, lead control, deed printing, property mapping, maintenance and collections, MBS has the best solution for your memorial park or cemetery / mortuary combination. Consider MBS software to automate your office and staff.

MBS has continually striven to be at the forefront of both the deathcare and software industries. Our diversity and strength, represented by MBS's staff, has enabled MBS to survive in this fledgling market. We move ever forward into the future of the field, and within these staff pages we encourage you to gain confidence in our unique mix of skills, personalities and history. Also use these pages to learn about the history and management of MBS as well as specific contact information for MBS staff members.

Our Mission... Memorial Business Systems is in business to provide software and services designed to improve the operational efficiency of our customers.

In support of this, we are committed to:

* promoting customer effectiveness and preventing customer obsolescence by keeping our software on the leading edge
* being recognized by our customers for being responsive and oriented to their needs
* being recognized as a technically superior and innovative supplier of high-quality products
* being recognized by our employees and the business community for excellence and integrity in managing the company's business
* providing an environment for achieving personal excellence

If you have questions that can't be answered by our website, please feel free to contact us directly. Our phone number for sales and support is 800-844-4447. We hope you enjoy your stay.