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The Body Scoop offers a lifting system, which allows one person transfers from the prep table to the casket. The ceiling lift has a stainless steel body scoop which supports the body with no cumbersome straps. The Body Scoop can easily handle clients up to 1000 pounds. The system operates off a safe 24-volt lift motor.

In funeral homes, morgues and medical examiner offices, the BodyScoop™ with its lift and rail system- mounted on ceiling or wall - allows one-person body transfers from the prep area or work table, directly to casket or anywhere within the rail system.

The ease with which one person can manage these transfers has a positive impact not only on the staff, but also on your bottom line and profits.

Benefits from installation and daily use of the BodyScoop™ include the following:
•Reduces back strain
•Reduces risk of injuries
•Reduces number of staff required for transfers
•Saves time with one-person transfers
•Lifts 1,000 lbs.
•Maneuvers effortlessly & quietly
•Increases profitability
•Helps to recruit & retain quality staff.