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1-800-AUTOPSY bases our mission on commitment, respect and service to those that place their trust in us. 1-800-AUTOPSY is committed to never lose our focus and broaden society's perspective of death.

1-800-AUTOPSY, established in 1988, is a totally autonomous and mobile-based thanatology specialty company. Vidal Herrera of 1-800-AUTOPSY has cultivated a distinguished reputation of autopsy excellence within the funeral industry, hospital and research institutions, procurement tissue and organ foundations, private families and the legal community.

Vidal Herrera has over 38 years of working experience with post-mortem neurological diagnosis and forensic autopsy. His background as a former field deputy coroner investigator with the Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner Coroner has provided the advanced autopsy skills and expertise that only extensive autopsy exposure can provide. His forensic investigative background, coupled with his exceptional knowledge in hospital and mortuary care, led to the formation of 1-800-Autopsy and eventually to APS Franchise. Inc. with autopsy offices in Florida, Northern California and Nevada. Vidal's most important focus, apart from broadening society's prospective of death, is to provide the deceased with a voice. A totally autonomous specialty company providing efficient quality forensic autopsy and post-mortem neurological diagnosis services nationwide since 1988.

1-800-AUTOPSY is one of the foremost leading autopsy experts in forensic autopsy, post-mortem neurological diagnosis services and more serving California, Nevada and Florida.