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Proud to be a supplier member of ICCFA—please reference this listing when contacting us.

In order to ensure success, todays competitive marketplace requires employers to hire only the best people in the professional world. Smart organizations utilize recruitment specialists to help them find great candidates. No search firm guides them through this critical process better than GRN.

Why us? For starters, our search consultants have worked years in management, many specializing in your industry. So they not only have experience locating the right candidate, but also expertise.

Whats more, we qualify every one of our potential candidates, checking everything from their personal background and work history to job skills and behavioral traits. Our motto: no fit, no fee. If we dont present you with the best and brightest, no one wins.

Heres what to expect from the search consultants at GRN:

Highly trained and technically proficient
The Power of Networking

The GRN network is designed to operate as a single unit. With the touch of a button, our advanced technology connects you within seconds to a GRN search consultant anywhere in the world, any time. Your return: shortened hiring time, decreased costs and increased bottom line.

Working with Us
Whether were making a single placement or working on large, multiple placements with the same company, GRN search consultants treat every opportunity with equal amounts of time, energy and effort. Your satisfaction is our concern.

To learn more about how we operate, please review The GRN Process.
To speak with a search consultant regarding your hiring needs, click on Our Expertise.