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A Leading Resource for Today's Cemetery

Over 40 years experience in all aspects of cemetery management services. . .

The CHS Consulting Group provides professional services to the cemetery industry. We have had the pleasure of assisting private, religious and municipal cemeteries, as well as teaming with other professionals in helping complete their projects. With extensive experience in cemetery management, our projects have included: master plans, rules & regulations, office procedures, forms,columbarium & niche planning, grounds operation,land recovery, Pet cemetery ,legislative compliance and computer document assistance. Our team of professionals are available to offer assistance with all of your cemetery goals.

The CHS/Cemetery Helpful Solutions, based in Westwood, Massachusetts was founded in 2001. We have provided our professional services and guidance on many projects through out the United States and Mexico, ranging from a single task project to comprehensive management consultant programs. With our experience and hands on approach to all aspects of cemetery management, we have defined opportunities and help develop a sensible plan for the cemetery to achieve.

Our knowledge, resources and guidance help cemeteries find creative solutions to overcome obstacles, create new burial disposition options, and reach short- and long-term goals.

Thomas Daly, our Principal In Charge, is a Certified Cemetery Executive (CCE). With over 40 years of continuous experience as a Cemeterian, he has a solid performance record and a sound understanding of all cemetery issues. Combined with his extensive background in cemetery regulations, legislative compliance he can insure that your goals are reached on time and within budget.

Visit our web site , to learn more about our services, projects and clients. We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you with your future cemetery desire and goals.