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About Berntsen International Inc.

Berntsen International, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of survey markers, survey monuments, utility markers, and related accessories. Berntsen has been "Marking the Infrastructure of the World" since its founding in 1972 by Phillip Peterson and Peter Berntsen. Today Berntsen has a product line of more than 1,000 markers, monuments and identification products for Surveying, Utilities, Construction, and Parks & Recreation. We also specialize in one-of-a-kind markers custom made for specific projects. Berntsen has acquired multiple patents and has been honored twice by the governor of the State of Wisconsin for new product innovation.

For over 40 years Berntsen International has been the leader in customized Lot/Block identification markers and gravesite grid monuments.

Our History

Berntsen International got started in 1972, as Berntsen Cast Products, when Peter Berntsen and Phillip Peterson invented and manufactured the W-1-B magnetic aluminum survey monument, which was lightweight, stable when set, and - because it was metallurgically sound - didn't 'self destruct' in the ground. The W-1-B was the first modern geodetic monument, and created an industry. Peter Berntsen's innovative monuments and manufacturing combined with Phillip Peterson's focus on the world market turned Berntsen into the world's first truly international maker of durable monuments - "Berntsen" is now a name recognized by land surveyors around the world.

Today, our markers are used by many of the world's governments, and by infrastructure specialists everywhere, as the underpinnings of GIS/LIS networks, transportation systems, boundary mapping, construction references, seismic monitoring networks, and anywhere else stable position is required. As the world changes, we continue to attract interesting new customers, like Alliant Energy, Google, Westpoint Military Academy, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Institute of Tropical Forestry, and many, many more.

Berntsen cemetery markers come with an imprint suitable for use in cemeteries. Berntsen Cemetery Lot Markers are available in 2" and 3 " diameters. They fit 1/2" or 5/8" rebar as the SureGrip plastic insulator holds the cap tightly to the rebar and virtually eliminates dissimilar metal corrosion. Orbital forged from 6000 aluminum so they won't crack or break, yet soft enough to punch numbers easily in the field with our stamp sets.

Cemetery EcoStake

The Berntsen EcoStake is made of recycled plastic and is UV protected. It will not rot, splinter or split and is not subject to insect damage. Each EcoStake contains a magnet in the top that makes later location a snap. The plastic top is imprinted with a four quadrant cross to stamp your Lot & Block numbers.

Cemetery Lot Markers from Berntsen

Thank you for choosing Berntsen cemetery markers for rebar. For over 40 years Berntsen has worked to continuously improve and develop our products and service to exceed your needs. Exclusive features of our metal cemetery markers & rebar caps include:

Super-tough, cold forged, aluminum alloy that will not bend or break
SureGripT plastic insulator that makes removal from the rebar nearly impossible and protects the cap from dissimilar metal corrosion
Cemetery markers can be customized with text, numbers & center marks.

Our Process

Berntsen Cast Products began with innovative monuments, and we grew into Berntsen International by consistently bringing useful new products to market and we make those products with the very best lean manufacturing practices. As an example, we are the first maker of durable monuments - and one of the first American manufacturers of any kind - to import and use an orbital forging press. Orbital forging applies up to 2,000 tons of force to room temperature metal. The precisely applied pressure "work hardens" the metal without heating - the result is stronger monuments that don't deform when set. And because the orbital forge shapes metal with pressure and speed, rather than heat, the process uses far less energy and material - and time - so it's more sustainable.

We're proud to be an American manufacturer, and we're always improving our products and manufacturing to serve our customers better and stay competitive in the global market. Berntsen International was one of the very first firms to apply, companywide, the quality principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. I think we're one of the very best examples of his work applied in the real world. We apply Deming's principles to every part of our business - that's why 99.2% of our customers say that our products and service meet or exceed their expectation...and we're still working on the other 0.8%.

At Berntsen, our mission is to help you mark the world's infrastructure and we're excited about the coming decades. We believe that a healthy, sustainable economy depends on continually renewing the buildings, networks, and transportation systems that allow us to do business, and we're very proud to work along with our customers to make things better around the world. We also think that America needs more land surveyors and engineers to cope with infrastructure challenges; that's why we instituted our scholarship program, and have distributed over $50,000 to aspiring infrastructure professionals. Are you passionate about infrastructure too? Please give us a call - we'd love to hear about your projects, and see what we can do to help.